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GENESIS is a musician-oriented software environment for sound synthesis and musical composition. However, despite this orientation, a substantial amount of effort has been put in building a rich variety of tools based on static or dynamic visual representations of models and of abstractions of their properties. After a quick survey of these tools, we will illustrate the significant role they play in the creative process involved when going from a musical idea and exploration to the production of a complete musical piece. To that aim, our analysis will rely on the work and practice of several artists having used GENESIS in various ways.

Physical masses-interaction modeling and simulation ™GENESIS software
Claude Cadoz, Nicolas Castagné

™GENESIS Modal analysis tools
Claude Cadoz, Nicolas Castagné, Jérôme Villeneuve, Stéphane Bœuf, Delphine Passinge

Physical Models for Musical Composition
Claude Cadoz
Giuseppe Gavazza
Jérôme Villeneuve

Research supported by
Ministry of Culture (France)
Grenoble Institute of Technology (France)
Ministry of Research (France)

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